Charm Carriers Ring Fit


We have designed the Welded Bliss  charm carrier beads to attach any charm for use with snake or round section style bracelets.


Pandora, Troll, Chamilia and other bead based charms have a 5mm hole to the centre and the bracelet is threaded through the beads.
Welded Bliss do not make charms with holes through the centre, but our charms are all compatible with these charm systems by attaching one of our range of pendant charm carrier beads which the bracelet slides through. 
Most charms can be fixed (by silver soldering) to a charm carrier, where the option is shown on the individual charm's options (drop down menu).
There is no charge for soldering when the carrier and charm are purchased together.
If you would like a charm soldered to one of our carriers, add the carrier to the basket along with the charm - soldering option selected.
The mark one carrier is the same as the mark two except the fixing loop is set at a right angle. For soldering, it does not matter which you choose, we will make sure it hangs the right way
Some charms (enamel / gem set) can not be soldered to a carrier,
instead these may be fixed to a carrier by using either a split ring or lobster clasp.
It is worth noting in the case of a lobster clasp this will increase the 'dangle' by 11mm.
One benefit of using a split ring and especially a lobster clasp is they can easily be moved.
We also make a range of ready fits with our standard carrier bead and smaller charms.
These are listed under the Carrier Charms / Pandora Fit category.





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