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Split Rings Sterling Silver 7mm packet of 10


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Heavy weight sterling silver split rings 7mm size. Packet of 10.

Perfect for attaching charms to standard charm bracelets and sweetie bracelets.

These split ring links are ideal for attaching charms (use like a miniature key ring) or repairing bracelets etc.

Full instructions for use with every order

Plain jump rings should be soldered in place for security, split ring links are a safe alternative if correctly used.
1. Decide on the position of your charms and which way they will face. Mark the links if required.
2. Attach the split rings to the bracelet using your finger nail or tweezers to open the split rings slightly.
Be careful not to overstretch and lose their spring memory. Slide the split ring around the bracelet link.
3. Attach the charm’s fixed ring to the split ring in the same way. Note which way the charm will face.
4. If the split ring has opened a little you can use a small pair of pliers to nip the ring ends closed.
Tip: Use a tray, bright light, magnifier & patience. For sweetie bracelets, attach to the expanding inner cords.

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