Sterling 925 Silver Charms


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Charms are  offered with three standard fittings.

1. Traditional jump ring (for soldering) plus a free split ring (double coil ring).

2. Lobster clip (trigger catch / clasp /carabiner).

3. Pendant Bail (when you want the charm to hang on a thin necklace chain)

Also offered are two soldering options:

Pandora style systems (purchase a charm carrier and the charm);

Soldering to a bracelet (purchase a bracelet and the charm(s).

If you want to use a clip, split ring or have your charms soldered locally - for a charm carrier or bracelet use one of the first two options





  • Accordion


    Accordion, musical instrument Sterling silver opening charm showing a monkey inside. Size 20 x 13 x 7 mm Weight 3.9 grams